3D Printers

Print anything you want with this laser guided, injection molding technology. Artwork, statues, toys, guns, clothing, food, much, MUCH more. Star Trek is almost here!

Turn the World in the Whore of Babylon!

Prostitution is legal, because I say it’s legal! An Ebay for traditional escorts, non-traditional escorts, free match-making, no more scams, make pussies and penises work hard for the money, make Donna Summer proud!

Form a Posse to get Some Pussy!

Worldwide video surveillance in-the-making, safe from the confiscation of corrupt cops and prosecutors. Proactively know your surroundings and those of loved ones from the high risk of crime, natural disaster, etc., and when anarchy is official, better, cheaper, friendlier service when removing human waste! Not revenge, not closure, punishment, redemption, or principle, it is a safety issue!

Cures for Hair Loss – No Transplants Necessary


Medication and other cosmetic treatment for hair loss in the past, for men and women, now those days are over. Everyone knew you had a rug on your head. Transplants where your’e promised full restoration, you pay thousands of dollars, you look like that poor bastard on the left with the peach fuzz, you return and they will insist you pay double for double the plugs. No lawyer will take the case, many will for a class-action suit where they make billions of dollars, you only get name recognition as disgruntled bad-hair-day Billikens in court for all the world to see. Expand on your natural hair-follicle hair-growth potential, Rogaine is now antiquated, no more popping the pills daily to hold on to what you have for dear life!

Male Impotence Now a Thing of the Past


Quicker, longer erections, and for a higher percentage of the male population now possible, much improved with greater consumer satisfaction than Viagra or Cialis. Sell advertising space on your website – just $47!

PAP – Be your own seller, and attract countless re-sellers – free for up to 10 affiliates!

A permanent high-tech red-hot-economy utopia is almost here! End the evil double-standard forever!