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At Anarchy Forever, we have 7 websites, three more (minimum) on the way, which serves a vast variety of products and services. We hire commissioned-self-employed workers, who apply below, and are graded and chosen by council to be part of our industrial democracy and peer-to-peer network. Exam scores will be graded using the Googlebot Eigenvector strategy, where someone points to you and they are keyword relevant, and someone points to them and they are keyword relevant, and so on down a pyramid, for a higher score. Cheating is discouraged for this reason, but you are encouraged to point to original content for a higher score, even if you are initially at the bottom of the pyramid, so don’t give up, and keep applying. The applications worthy of grading will be put on a private blog and we will all have password access to them to grade them, with the ability to add to or modify the results.

We are all sales people, and you are encouraged to read my free eBook, “Pooling Business and Marketing Efforts – The Devil is in The Detail”. We do not have conflict of interest clauses, so you are encouraged to build and promote your own business, many of our people are part-time, live off government money, a spouse, and so on. You are encouraged to promote your business as well as our own as they will mutually correspond.

We need auditors who can verify losses from tax audits, people who verify victim-less crime convictions, people who will register the Anarchist Party in all fifty U.S. States, radio producers who receive and place advertising on websites, podcasts, select guests for podcasts, podcasters, and so on. requires people who can run an escrow service for an escort service, maintain content, add and replace ads, and so on. requires people who run an escrow service for legal bounties, maintain content, and people with expertise in Internet camera surveillance networks, with artificial intelligence, facial recognition software, and so on., a press release service, requires editors, who will be allowed to pool their money with me to invest in IT technology where we automate the press release approval and transmission process, and earn much higher profits, with less busy work.

Future opportunities will arise for network administrators and PHP/LAMP programmers for those knowledgeable about wireless WiFi/Bluetooth systems, RFID devices, etc. for a network of systems that read vital signs and whereabouts, control house utilities (central air, lights, sprinkler systems, etc.) for home and office, remote controlled cars, and so on.

If you have experience and/or education in any of the above fields, with outstanding qualifications, including written and verbal skills, please apply, and we will get back to you soon.

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Why do you feel a stateless society, and being part of a team, is good for you and others? Who benefits and who doesn't?

A permanent high-tech red-hot-economy utopia is almost here! End the evil double-standard forever!