Tax Audit Relief

The profitability of tax delinquency – don’t pay taxes and redistribute!

Non-payment of taxes is not illegal. Tax evasion (failure to report income) and tax fraud (falsifying tax forms) is criminal and we do not condone that and it will not be rewarded with our tax audit relief packages. Simply do not give anyone in the United States any tax money, go totally exempt on taxes where permitted, and raise your exemptions to the highest level (claim zero dependents) on what are typically W4 forms, donate money here, and if you are audited and can verify you suffered penalties and/or have to pay interest, or had to pay legal fees to remove liens, you will automatically receive relief. Verify your losses with scanned copies of statements from the IRS or other U.S. state and local tax authorities, such as submitting Form 4506 from the IRS, proof of legal fees, which we will verify through the Freedom of Information Act, your tax lawyer (you must try to qualify for tax debt relief first) and 60% of the donation pool will be divided by the total number of applicants who verify penalties, interest, and/or legal fees from the previous month will go to you. With our tax revolt, comprised of educating the population about tax shelters on our home page where you pay no corporate, income, capital gains, dividends, property, or consumption taxes or don’t collect these taxes, combined with tax relief like the Fresh Start Initiative, where you typically pay less than what you owe, there is little likelihood you will be audited as tax auditors will be laid off but if you do suffer a loss, you can potentially win far more than your losses. You will be compensated by no later than the end of the ensuing month by PayPal. Eventually, we hope to inspire others to offer tax audit insurance and tax audit lottery tickets where they can guarantee that they can meet your loss as far as the penalty, interest, and cost of premiums paid, or win lottery awards far in excess of losses, respectively. Exemptions alone, like the kind we recommend on our home page, can cause a total loss in tax revenue, increasing the odds you will never be audited if you go delinquent, but if you are, better yet, you can potentially become quite wealthy. Just submit form below with your name, address, phone number, PayPal e-mail address, and scanned copies of documentation verifying penalties, interest, and/or legal fees you pay because of a tax audit anywhere in the U.S., along with contact information from tax lawyer proving you attempted to get tax relief but still suffered losses, and we will compensate you. If all taxation in the U.S. has been confirmed to end sometime in the future, we will use our treasury to reward those with audit losses anytime in the past retroactively, to desecrate the evil legacy of taxation forever, and guarantee a future where you can be tax-free indefinitely.

For now, we offer charity to those with confirmed tax debt losses from an audit, but we are in the process of offering a separate lottery where tickets purchased in advanced are required to generate much higher winnings when audited.

If you donated money here and were audited anywhere in the U.S. and have penalties and/or have to pay interest, contact us here with the PayPal e-mail address you registered with and you will be rewarded with tax relief by no later than the end on the ensuing month based on calculations for the month you submit your appeal for the award. Browse and upload documents that verify loss of money through penalties and/or stipulation to pay interest and/or legal fees, we will confirm through the Freedom of Information Act, and we will get back to you shortly.

Any attempt by PayPal to suspend this account, even though compliant with their Terms of Service, will lead to law suits against PayPal, with leverage against major corporations, I don’t have property, they do, and we will simply sign up with a different e-mail address, different fluctuations of my name or co-workers name, same or different final four numbers of the Social Security Number, and create a world wide customer service nightmare for PayPal knowing they cannot change their Terms of Service fast enough, potentially bankrupt them because of the high cost of customer service, lose market share because of now new competition, and our customers at Anarchy Forever will be compensated no matter what as verification of charity allotment. Low risk with donations and virtually no charge-backs, means we can persevere because of the low cost of discussion board customer service, causing smaller players to steal major market share from larger players.

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