Join the Anarchist Party

Permanent relief from the Democans and the Republicrats!

Donate to and 60% of your money will be used to register the Anarchist Party with the Secretary of State in all 50 states and fund the campaign of James Dante Wood for U.S. President every 4 years and other candidates for all levels of office throughout the nation, after an application, interview, and approval process once a party chairman is selected, and we will have an application for interested candidates on this website. We will post receipts for verification your money goes to the cause, with testimonials of those who benefit from the donations. We can place campaign ads on television for less than $10,000 and a $25 cost-per-action, guaranteed to educate America about our ideal political referendum, prove that Democrats and Republicans will be increasingly insignificant in the future, and even profit with these commercials as more donations and the sale of products and services will easily exceed $25 per action. Commercial television is almost always a multi-seven-figure budget, which is why it is a bad idea to donate to a major party.

Sign our petition from any country in the world at Worldwide Anarchist Party Petition and your signatures will be submitted to all countries, starting with the U.S., and all democracies and countries forced to become democracies. There is now, updated since the recording of the video above, no need for us to pay $5 per signature for signature gatherers, all signatures will be uploaded automatically to the Secretary of State daily.

Anarchist Party mascot
The citron-crested cockatoo, the mascot of the Anarchist Party. The animal equivalent to punk rockers who made modern-day anarchy possible.

Should the citron-crested cockatoo be the mascot for the Anarchist Party?

A permanent high-tech red-hot-economy utopia is almost here! End the evil double-standard forever!