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Would you like to offer commission-based advertising for your product or service here, on our popular and growing forum, podcast, and social media pages? Join the affiliate network at AffPlanet.com, free for up to 10 affiliates, you can draw me as an automatic reseller as well as other resellers at your site and elsewhere, creating a pyramid of up to 100 multi-tier affiliates for very high pagerank with many backlinks-per-tier, to sell your products and services for no money, pay only commission only when you confirm purchases, and build backlinks for much higher pagerank. Resellers who are any tier below the first tier affiliate you place affiliate tracking URL backlinks on do not need new affiliate URL’s, as the referrer URL is tracked and given credit, but for now they must sign up at AffPlanet to read statistics, and for you to read theirs, and they get paid, but an automated sign up and username/password created by GSA Search Engine or other software is needed and must be posted to form mail selectively of each domain, as GSA can store URL’s where ad posting is confirmed, a second robot mission can be used for just AffPlanet.com to create many sign-ups for each domain with confirmed postings, and username/password pairs created automatically by GSA, along with corresponding stored domains, can lead to a final robot mission at the end of the day to bulk post username/password combinations with link to AffPlanet.com login page, encouraging the tracking of progress. Our robot/spider will check all links at the forum pages, and remove links that are not recognized as affiliate URL’s in our AffPlanet list of approved sellers (it is easy to automatically block backlink URL’s with black-listed word-strings, and you can do the same when you invite all robot postings. Future removals will based on low payment performance of seller and/or low rankings for anchor text keywords when you are built up as a second tier or lower pyramid placement in Google). Look for plugins at content management systems like WordPress or do a Google search. Sign us up with the username and password you want to give us and present here, and use the affiliate URL that we get commission for on the forum. You can give us the commission you want, but if it is low, you will probably not be one of the higher performers and are less likely to get your audio commercial played on the podcasts. The highest performers based on monthly revenue will be prioritized for greater likelihood of podcast commercial/sponsorship during main content of shows, and be re-populated at a higher rate in other forum pages where there is greater keyword correspondence to what you do with the content of the page.

Yes, I am deadly serious, robots are welcome, this will change the world forever and mean power to the little guy.  Do what I do here and use black hat robots to solicit permission for backlinks in the page post and with form mail advertising to webmaster, encouraging them to change programming from automatic nofollows to dofollows and remove the recaptcha filters that have been slowing down surfers and discouraging their participation levels, and recipient can earn high income with no work or investment, but also do what we do here and become a robot seller. Increasingly the world Internet community will proactively embrace robot-reception although we must first work hard to solicit reactively to go from non-permission-to-permission-based robot invitations, and the frenzy of the “little guy’s revenge” of no risk cost- per-action advertising revenue-share will cause the Third Industrial Revolution, along with my tax audit insurance tax revolt. The second one in the 90’s was the result of the high-surfer-low-website-count explosion until it became too competitive with over-assumption of less brick-and-mortar stores in the Fall of 2000. With CPA bonanzas because of Andreessen Horowitz’s invention that made him one of the top joint venture capitalists in the world. Go to https://www.gsa-online.de/ for the GSA Search Engine , only $99 one time for the search engine, $149 for the recaptcha breaker, to place robots on any of our network of websites and everywhere (mostly discussion boards), see store. You can build me up as an authority URL when you backlink to my web pages, and backlink to the backlinker, and so on down a pyramid for you and I as first and second tier to earn a higher pagerank, knowing that as the robots become more permission-based and multi-tier pyramids are more desirable, knowing the second tier is less likely to remove backlinks to sabotage the hard work needed to build a large many-level-pyramid, as many backlinks from only the second tier is of little benefit (I give you dofollows, 90% of websites give you nofollows for little to no backlink credit) and more people will cooperate knowing they are paid commission, and robot activity means more fresh content, adding upward trending, high-demand, low competition keywords (see http://www.WordTracker.com keywords). I will offer top daily trending keywords (start out with the top 100 results, and increase based on more revenue fueling more disk space/bandwidth and labor costs) and the 10 related queries/topics they correspond to, with Fourier-analysis that predicts future performance for at least a year with a trial-and-error margin of error that goes down over time as we effect our own trends for the best, but at first is anticipated to go up based on long-term projections at first known to be less predictable, and will be calculated with rising-with-exponential-decay figures. Predict the future, analyze past success rates, and re-calculate future margins of error where more accurate predictions mean faster rates of exponential decay for exponential curve regression prognostications, as future success in a world that becomes more predictable and peaceful and mathematicians like us, math being the most pretentious of all academic disciplines and the only thing that is pure without controversy, will rule a world with no rulers. Data will be fed to the Internet in mostly multi-dimensional tabular/pixel format increasingly in the future, as facial data from surveillance cameras with facial-recognition software and all other vision/sound/multi-purpose sensor data will feed more databases for true read/write/and-repeat artificial intelligence, with better robot writing for the human reader to appreciate and know high KEI original content more often found in search engines and pointed to by humans and robots that understand high-profit-margin concepts for both black-hat-turned-white-hat sellers, but also resellers that can block and/or remove low performing backlinks based on filters that will be automatically fed non-paying sellers versus paying sellers, as data can be scraped from affiliate tracking seller payment confirmation table, same for PayPal, and no performers removed, now easily done with Excel as you can search Google with “Excel remove cells in one list from another list” until process is automated, but there will be a need for better affiliate tracking management systems where each reseller can sign-up once and login once for a view of all sellers/higher tier resellers. Sellers are encouraged to pay bonus commission for high total revenue for money earned outside redirected affiliate traffic as they will earn much higher traffic though free pagerank increases and most income in the future will not come directly from reseller redirects. I will also offer the top 1,000 keywords corresponding to each of the top trending keywords and their related queries and topics, that are synonyms and/or fluctuations of the same seed keyword, with their KEI, searches per month squared divided by competition, good for “loss-leaders” that get customers into your store, which increase chances of attracting more relevant content even with no backlinks, and we point to or are pointed to by people with more controversial content, which means more original content, and Google rewards all three criteria as the benefits of having outbound links. Fourthly, webmasters don’t want to be penalized for plagiarism, so it is good to be a good tutor and recommend pages that help your customer, and you look less greedy. Soon I will have software that calculates Woodrank (original content score of landing page, seed keyword in anchor text for backlink versus histogram of all page’s keywords, based on anticipated trend or linear regression “slope” for next six weeks, as organic indexing takes six weeks, of all weighted keyword frequency combinations, where seed keyword may appear not to uptrend as much, but will based on other document keywords which are uptrending as the factors / highest score each month) + (keyword relevance score – best keyword frequency/prominence/proximity/size of document/viewable page-and-meta-tags/comments/keywords in domain for advertising or “press release” page that is based on best match for the interpolated x-number-of-equations-x-number-of-unknowns matrix determinant calculations [like when you do substitutions to solve two unknowns for two equations, quickly done with matrix calculations for large numbers of equations/unknowns], yielding best keyword relevance or the “scalar of the Eigenvector” calculation, when compared to the top 10 results of your competition for that keyword, backlinks weighted out as a factor / highest score each month) + (repeat for landing page, must be as keyword relevant as possible with advertising page) + (percent commission paid to affiliate as average for merchandise/service sold on page/domain or individual product service, verified by spider of seller’s affiliate tracking account / highest score each month) as robots in the future will be increasingly permission-based and will evaluate content more likely desired by voters with less need for human content evaluation, and data acquired from scrapers, especially from search engines on websites not spidered by Googlebot, spins, and merging (robots that learn how to learn) will be less about deception with “spins” and data-merging designed to avoid Googlebot’s synonym checker, and more about innovation, creativity, high demand versus low competition products/services/news interests, instant organic indexing on Googlebot clone for Googlebot-like evaluations to suppress fake news (we are all the “drive-by media” trying to corner a story quickly), affordability of cost, profitability, high KEI keywords/concepts (if loss-leaders, what are parallel products/services/news interests and their projected profitability), trends analysis with a calculated low margin of error, etc. I will also have a platform where robots can offer cost-per-click/impression advertising revenue sharing as well, where advertiser and paid recipient can enjoy higher risk for higher profit advertising, but first you must be branded – does the customer know you, and do they trust you.

Fill out the following form with information about the account you created for us, and the highest performers will receive ranking on our store page and be promoted on our podcasts. Send an attachment of the audio file for your commercial, or a script that Jim Wood will pronounce himself. Make sure payments to me in the AffPlanet control panel are done by PayPal, payment made no later than after the 15th of the following month if a $50 minimum or roll over into the following month, and pay to “jim@AnarchyForever.com”.

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